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3-D International Arts & Gems is among best and leading manufacturer and supplier of semi precious gemstone products for luxury interior decor. We have a vast array of semi precious stone tiles, semi precious slabs, semi precious surface, table top, counter top, kitchen top, backsplash, sink, washbasin and vast collection of semi precious products.
Our collection consist eternal beauty of natural stones and we offer best competitive prices which is affordable with best quality product. We are leading manufacturer and exporter in top countries including India, USA, Canada, UK, Brazil, UAE, Australia, Singapore, Russia, New Zealand and other countries.


We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified of quality management system. Browse through our wide and exclusive range of semi precious Products.

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Our Quality and Services

We provide better services to our client’s and make sure for their product satisfaction with 24x7 supports. We also tie up with world top shipping & logistic companies for semi precious material on door delivery to our clients. We manufacture more than 1000 meter square per month for our international client. We have a highly skilled team and advanced machinery set up.

  • Top listed natural stone products manufacturer and supplier in 180 countries and 920 cities in world.
  • Huge variety of semi precious gemstone products like tiles, slabs, surface, table top, counter top, wash basin, bar counter and many more.
  • We provide certificate of authenticity with every product and service (beware of duplicate products in market).
  • Our payment terms are flexible.
  • Our prices are more affordable than Chinese and Italian market with best quality material that no one can provide.
  • Customer support for client queries.