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The Gemstone Agate

This is part of a non-scientific approach to various gemstones used in Home Decor Product. What Is Agate It is a quartz crystal, or Semi Precious Gemstone Manufacture, that can come in many different, bright, colours like: White to Grey, Light Blue, Orange to Red, Green, Brown and Black. ItRead More

The Last Word in Luxurious Interiors Items – Semi Precious Decor

Gone are the days when gemstone use was limited to posh custom jewelry pieces and lavish decorative pieces. Most people closest encounter with gemstones is either in the form of a ring or multiple rings, or cutesy gemstone pendants. But, if you have the bucks, if you are someone whoRead More

Why Choose a Quartz Bath Vanity?

Bathroom vanities are often overlooked even though they are an important aspect and a key element of bathroom décor. They are remarkably useful in providing the necessary space for our hygiene supplies and toiletries. The right countertop and vanity will enhance visual appeal while facilitating the use of the bathroomRead More

Petrified Wood Tiles Flooring

A lot of people today are considering getting petrified wood flooring. If you are one of these people, then you ought to be aware of the different pros and cons of getting this type of flooring. Before we tackle this, what actually is petrified wood? Well, it is actually aRead More

Divulging the Mysteries of the Abalone Shell

What is an Abalone? We all wish to live and feel as in a Marine life. Yes, Abalone is a creature for those who wish for it. ‘Abalone’ is harvested in a way which people use for food and decorative purposes.  What we are looking at here is the abaloneRead More

The Glamour of Gemstone Countertops

When planning to remodel a kitchen or a bathroom, most people think immediately of granite or marble countertops. A less common equally appealing option would be gemstone. Gemstone is not the same as with jewelry, however the basic concept is similar. Using materials that are not commonplace will enhance theRead More

Extraordinary Designs for Your Kitchen Countertop

Your home can be an innovative and exciting extension of you and your imagination. Instead of following traditional trends, let your own individual style set the rules for your rooms. When choosing a Semi Precious kitchen Countertop, explore unusual designs and features to make this area pop with ingenuity andRead More

Buying Luxury Interior Products Online

We at 3D International Arts & Gems provide you a way to purchase your likely Semi Precious Stone Tiles products online by making an order. In this recent decade, it is the most convenient option that everyone wants. We make it quicker than ever before to get what we want easilyRead More

Things to know about Semi Precious Stone

Semi Precious Stones Slabs are known for their color, variety and priceless look. Every semi precious stone has distinctive property, color, brilliance and other physical and chemical properties. Also every kind of gemstone is associated with one or other kind of physical and mental healing that will help you toRead More

Gemstone Labradorite Floor Tiles – Your Interiors Start Glowing

Our living interior is a place that cheers us and makes us feel comfortable and relaxed after a tired day at work. What better to earn this effect than gemstone tiles? 3D International Arts & Gems produces variety of products in semi-precious stones such as labradorite, agate,lapis,lazuli, malachite, jasper etc.Read More