Gemstones – Special Variety of Semi Precious Stones

Gemstones are a very special kind of Semi Precious Stone Tiles. These gems, when cut and polished are used for making Home Decor and other interior items. They are also used for adorning fashionable clothing items. These stones are widely worn with Semi Precious Countertop, used in Tiles and used as tabletop. Their applications are numerous. But, their primary objective is one, i.e., decoration or adornment. According to the gemologists, the properties of gemstones differ according to their chemical composition. Let’s know more about the various varieties of this fabulous semi-precious stone.

Natural Black Agate

Natural Black Agate

If some astrologers are to be believed, the Semi Precious Tiles & Slabs are not only interior items, but they considerably influence the human intellect and fate. Apart from this, various scientific studies have also revealed the fact that these gems exert influence on human psychology and bodily processes. However, there are hundreds of varieties of gemstones available at present, but the most popular types are as mentioned under:

1) Agate Stone: Agate is a fibrous variety of the silica, chiefly chalcedony. It is distinguished by its fine-grains and bright color. Its popular types include blue, green, Indian, Kentucky and moss. This stone is believed to cure insomnia, augment strength, protect against potential dangers and provide a healthy life.

2) Amethyst Stone: It is a violet variety of quartz, commonly used in jewelry. Its main characteristics include its purple color and multiple shades like Rose France, Siberian, etc. Amethyst stone is mostly used for adorning expensive interior items. The features of this gem may vary from region to region. In other words, the amethyst stone found in one place is not necessarily alike in all respect to that found in some other place.

3) Gold Stone: These semi-precious stones are found in colors like blue, pink, green, white and so. But, the most common color of this gem is reddish-brown. There is absolutely no cleft on the surface of gold stones. The primary characteristics of this gem are its ductility and malleability. They are mainly found in South Africa, Canada, U.S., and Australia and in some African lands.

5) Quartz Stone: Quartz is found in almost all types of geological environment. Some of its common varieties include onyx, carnelian, flint, jasper and bloodstone. The unique chemical structure of quartz provides it with extra stability and striation.

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