Semi Precious Stone Pietra Dura & Inlay Products

Antique Collection of Semi Precious Gemstone Inlay & Pietra Dura

3-D International Arts & Gems has wide verity of semi precious gemstone products like semi precious inlay products, semi precious pietra dura, Semi precious tiles, semi precious slabs, semi precious counter tops, semi precious table top, semi precious Interior Decor and more. We are offering antique and unique semi precious gemstone inlay and pietra dura products for interior and home decor. Our collection of pietra dura and inlay designed and created by our experienced creative craftsmen on semi precious gemstone and other stone as per our client requirement.

Our collection of semi precious stone Pietra Dura and Inlay Products consists natural beauty. We are leading manufacturer and supplier of semi precious gemstone Inlay and Pietra Dura Products to all over the world. We are also known for our inlay and Pietra dura work on semi precious stones like Agate, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Red Carnelian, Shell, Jasper, Quartz, Tiger Eye, Black Obsidian, Mother of Pearl, Sodalite and Labradorite etc.

Antique Stone Inlay                        Semi Precious Stone Inlay                            Semi Precious Gemstone Inlay
Pietra Dura Table Top                     Pietra Dura Countertop                                 Pietra Dura Stone Top
Stone Inlay Table Top                     Inlay Table Top                                                  Blue Agate Inlay
Lapis Lazuli Inlay Table Top           Lapis Lazuli Inlay                                               Dinning Table Inlay Top

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