Semi Precious Gemstone Agate Slabs and Tiles

Luxury Collection of Agate Stone Surface, Slabs and Tiles

3-D International Arts & Gems is top most manufacturer and supplier of semi precious gemstone Agate tiles and slabs. We are leading exporter of semi precious stones all over the world. Our quality products and packaging is the main reason for leading market of semi precious stone tiles, slabs, surfaces and other antique interior products.

Our collection consist huge verity of semi precious natural stones for tiles and slabs. Agate is the most popular natural stone categorized as semi precious stones. It is extremely beautiful semi precious stone with different colours and shades. Agate has some positive specialty of increasing mental ability, improves concentration and analytics abilities.

Types of Agate


Agate Tiles                                   Agate Slabs                                    Agate Surface
Agate Counter Top                     Agate Table top                            Agate Bar Top
Agate Kitchen Top                     Agate Bar Counter                      Agate Kitchen Counter
Agate Sink                                   Agate Wash Basin                        Agate Fire Wall Surrounding
Agate backsplash                       Agate Steps                                   Agate Door Surrounding
Agate Application                      Agate Bath Tub                             Agate Bath Tub Surrounding
Agate Bath Accessories             Agate Interior Decor

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