Semi Precious Stone Petrified Wood Tiles & Slab

Spectacular Interior Decor Collection of Semi Precious Gemstone Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood is a spectacular semi precious gemstone features fossilized wood pieces. This stone is naturally formed years ago and also used as worship stone. It has positive healing power for headache and emotion controlling. Petrified Wood is available in different natural colors like yellow, retro brown, round brown, red pattern and black pattern etc.

3-D International Arts and Gems has magnificent collection of semi precious stone Petrified Wood interior decor products and applications. Our stunning home and interior decor product of petrified wood is highly demanded interior by most of our client. Our collection have unique interior products of semi precious gemstone products.

Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood  Tiles                                Petrified Wood  Slabs                                     Petrified Wood  Surface
Petrified Wood  Counter Top                  Petrified Wood  Kitchen Counter              Petrified Wood  Bar Top
Petrified Wood  Table top                        Petrified Wood  Kitchen Top                       Petrified Wood  Steps
Petrified Wood  Bar Counter                  Petrified Wood  Wash Basin                        Petrified Wood  Sink Petrified Wood
Fire Wall Surrounding                              Petrified Wood  backsplash
Petrified Wood  Application                     Petrified Wood  Bath Tub
Petrified Wood  Bath Tub Surrounding Petrified Wood  Bath Accessories
Petrified Wood  Interior Decor                Petrified Wood  Door Surrounding

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