Semi Precious Gemstone Sodalite Tiles & Slabs

Exotic Collection of Semi Precious Stone Sodalite Tiles, Slabs and Surface

Sodalite is most attractive semi precious gemstone in blue color. This semi precious gemstone is exotic and exclusive stone for interior and home decor application. Floor tiles, wall tiles, bath tiles, slabs, surfaces, counter top, bar counter, table top, bar top, vanity d├ęcor products made by semi precious gemstone sodalite is very popular for interior. This semi precious sodalite stone also known as princess of blue gemstone. Our collection of interior and home decor products consist the application of interior made by sodalite gemstone.

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of semi precious gemstone products for home and interior decor in USA, India, Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom and many other countries. Our collection of semi precious gemstone products consist many products like:

Sodalite Tiles Sodalite Slabs Sodalite Surface
Sodalite Counter Top Sodalite Table top Sodalite Bar Top
Sodalite Kitchen Top Sodalite Bar Counter Sodalite Kitchen Counter
Sodalite Sink Sodalite Wash Basin Sodalite Fire Wall Surrounding
Sodalite backsplash Sodalite Steps Sodalite Door Surrounding
Sodalite Application Sodalite Bath Tub Sodalite Bath Tub Surrounding
Sodalite Bath Accessories Sodalite Interior Decor


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