Semi Precious Gemstone Blue Tiger Eye Tiles & Slabs

Blue Tiger Eye is a very soothing stone and gives an elegance to your interior and tiger eye products works as reducing stress and easing anxiety.
We are manufacturer and supplier of Tiger Eye Blue Surfaces and other Tiger Eye Blue products like countertops, tabletops, bar countertop, bathroom vanity and bath accessories etc. Tiger Eye Blue tiles and slabs are available in stock.

Hardness(Mohs) 5.5 to 6
Origin Austrailia/South Africa
Stone Pattern Irregular Rocks cut into slices
Color Variation Blue
Test Report Approved Govt. of Indian MSME Testing Report
Care & Maintenance Heat & Scratch Resistance
Suitability Tiger Eye Blue Wall Cladding, Tiger Eye Blue Counter Tops, Tiger Eye Blue Table Tops, Tiger Eye Blue Bath Vanity Top, Tiger Eye Blue Kitchen Backsplash, Tiger Eye Blue Slab, Tiger Eye Blue Bar Countertop, Tiger Eye Blue Bath Accessories & Tiger Eye Blue Flooring Tiles, Tiger Eye Blue Sink, Tiger Eye Blue Basin
Size Available upto 300cm x 180cm
Finish Glossy
Pattern Regular/Random/Brick/Mosaic
Thickness 0.5cm to 2cm
Edges Straight, Round Top & Bottom, Bevel, Full Bullnose, Half Bullnose, Ogee etc.
Manufacturing Detail Assembling of raw pieces (required thickness) with filling small pieces in its surrounding by epoxy resin chemical and process continues to polishing and edge cutting as per required shapes
Base Marble/Granite/Acrylic Sheet/Honey Comb Sheet etc.
Transparency No
Packaging Export Standard using foam & wooden boards
Transportation FOB, CIF, C&F & Door Delivery via Sea/Air

Blue Tiger Eye Floor Tiles                              Blue Tiger Eye Table Top
Blue Tiger Eye Slabs                                        Blue Tiger Eye Wall Tiles
Blue Tiger Eye Bath Tiles                               Blue Tiger Eye Counter
Blue Tiger Eye Counter Top                         Blue Tiger Eye Bar Top
Blue Tiger Eye Bar Counter                          Blue Tiger Eye Semi Precious Tiles
Blue Tiger Eye Steps                                       Blue Tiger Eye Bath Vanity
Blue Tiger Eye Sink                                          Blue Tiger Eye Wash Basin
Blue Tiger Eye Bath Tub                                 Blue Tiger Eye Bathroom Accessories
Blue Tiger Eye Firewall Surrounding         Blue Tiger Eye Kitchen Top
Blue Tiger Eye Semi Precious Slabs etc

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