Quartz Tiles kitchen floor tiles provide a little sparkle

I studied geology at school and remember that we went on a field trip where I saw pieces of quartz that I found very attractive. I thought of this trip when I went to look at quartz bathroom tiles last week. I was in the market for quartz black floor tiles to replace the quartz white floor tiles in the downstairs bathroom.

I already have quartz starlight kitchen floor tiles and the love way that the quartz black sparkle floor tiles add a touch of shine to a room. Quartz Tiles flooring is not to everyone’s taste but I have always been a fan of bright shiny floors as opposed to dull ones and even have some glitter floor tiles in the kids’ room.

Pink Quartz

Pink Quartz

Quartz is a common mineral, silicon dioxide (SiO2), usually colourless or white, although it may be coloured by impurities and it has a vitreous lustre. There are several varieties of quartz, including rock crystal, amethyst, chalcedony and agate. It is used for White Quartz Countertops, flooring, showers and vertical surfaces, and is suitable for interior or exterior use, both residentially and commercially.

The beauty, hardness and utility of quartz make it a highly desirable material for countertops in home design. In addition to its natural strength, quartz is a beautiful stone that adds colour and warmth to a room. Though the cost to add quartz countertops to any new kitchen can be quite high, they remain the premiere choice in many new and remodelled homes. Quartz flooring is very popular for the same reasons and quartz bathroom tiles are very common.

Features and benefits of quartz stone:

One of earth’s strongest natural materials.

Quartz tile stands up to the most demanding wear conditions.

Quartz natural sheen adds beauty while creating the industry¹s lowest cost maintenance floors.

Natural pigments give quartz tile a brilliant collection of lasting colour.

The high composition of quartz crystals in quartz tile creates a high traction surface.

Naturally beautiful with unique pattern and colour.



Stain-, mold- and mildew-resistant with proper care and maintenance.

Resistant to most acids, such as soft drinks and juices, as compared to marble.


What are the DO’s and DON’Ts of quartz?

DO clean up spills immediately to minimize damage to your Semi Precious Stone Tiles.

DO use trivets or mats under hot dishes and cookware.

DO use place mats under china, ceramics, silver and other objects that can scratch your stone’s surface.

DO use coasters under glasses, especially if they contain alcohol or citrus juices.

DO clean surfaces regularly.

DON’T wait to clean up spills on stone.

DON’T use cleaners that contain acid such as bathroom cleaners, grout cleaners or tub cleaners.

DON’T use vinegar, bleach, ammonia or other general-purpose cleaners.

DON’T use abrasive cleaners such as dry cleansers or soft cleansers.

DON’T use alkaline cleaners not specifically formulated for stone.

DON’T use scouring powders and abrasives because they will scratch the surface.

If you follow these guidelines your quartz black sparkle floor tiles will continue to look good and be serviceable for many years.

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