The Last Word in Luxurious Interiors Items – Semi Precious Decor

Gone are the days when gemstone use was limited to posh custom jewelry pieces and lavish decorative pieces. Most people closest encounter with gemstones is either in the form of a ring or multiple rings, or cutesy gemstone pendants. But, if you have the bucks, if you are someone who truly understand the word luxury, and if you are someone who enjoys being envied by his or her neighbors than semi precious decor is for you. The use of gemstones in residential and hospitality decor is becoming inseparable. Apparently is not that new. King Louis XV was outrageously fond of gemstones. His palace was not laced; it was decorated with rare gemstones on a massive scale. Images of one of his bedrooms decorated in the super lovely Malachite Tabletop can be found online.


Humans have always liked competing, showing off their wealth, owning what no one else owns. It’s pure evolution. A space with semi precious decor will always catch your fancy. Semi precious gemstone decor is costly, its exquisite, and it’s rare, it can heal, bring peace, happiness, health and wealth. It can make you feel like the Boss. If used in the right places, in the right way, semi precious decor will leave everyone including you stunned every time that light reflects through its surface. Advances in technology, and human undying craving for art has created several application options for using semi precious gemstones for your luxurious decor.

Art pieces, Semi Precious Tiles & Slabs, counter tops, custom handles and knobs from one of a kind gemstone, custom basins, gemstone inlay, modern light pieces and mirror are just some applications people have successfully tried their hands on. One could either create a focal point using an art piece, or create drama by covering one entire wall in one of a kind gemstone. Sky is the limit and you are in the pilot seat. You could consider your space’s color theme, or your birth date, whatever suits you and pick out something that was formed over millions of years, hand-picked, and hand-made to form an exclusive form of what people could only call the pinnacle of luxurious art.

Semi precious décor has caught the fancy of consumers and their popular interior designers alike. Next time, if you are wondering how you could sensibly spend your money on buying luxury, consider semi precious décor for your spaces. It is guaranteed to transform your space and leave you and your guests wanting more.

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