Why You Should Choose Quartz Countertops for Kitchen?

Kitchen constitutes the central part of any home. After all, it is directly related to the health of the family because the food consumed by the family is cooked here. A well maintained and tidy kitchen not only looks elegant, but it also ensures good health of the family. Countertop assumes great importance in kitchen design. No kitchen could be imagined without a countertop. Countertop serves as the workstation in kitchen and most of the chores in the kitchen are performed on it. Today, there are many types of countertops available in the market. When you go for kitchen renovation or redesign, you should lay great stress on the selection of the most appropriate type of countertop for your kitchen. A kitchen countertop should be chosen wisely.

white quartz kitchen counter

white quartz kitchen counter

Gone are the days when only Semi Precious Stone Tiles Exporter is considered the best countertops for kitchen. Today, there are many contemporary materials available in the market, which are used for making good kitchen countertops. The White Quartz Countertop for kitchen is one such type of countertop, which is becoming most popular due to the attributes that it possesses.

Quartz is a mineral found in large quantities under the earth’s surface. Quartz has a very high durability. This material is found in nature in several forms and thus found several applications depending upon the variety. A variety of quartz is used in jewelry as semi-precious stone; another variety is used for carving sculptures; yet another variety is used for making precision clocks (such clocks make use of a component called quartz oscillator); and, from some varieties of quartz decoration pieces are made. But, there is one special variety that is used for making quartz countertops for kitchens, which after going through industrial processes is called engineered quartz countertop.

Nowadays, the quartz surfaces used as kitchen countertops are mostly engineered quartz surfaces. It means that they are not 100% quartz, but they are composed of other materials as well. These surfaces have 90% ground quartz added with 8-10% resins, pigments and polymers.

The resultant material, which is called engineered quartz, is considered ideal for making kitchen countertops. This material has a very high durability, which is akin to the durability of a sturdy natural stone such as granite. Besides high durability, the kitchen countertops made of engineered quartz exhibit qualities such as smooth finish, glossy surface, and scratch, heat and stain resistance, to name a few. These surfaces also require less maintenance and they do not require periodic resealing like several natural stone surfaces. The above qualities make engineered quartz countertops ideal for kitchen use.

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