Gemstone is Not Only a Stone

A gemstone is also called a Semi Precious Stone Tiles; someone also likes to call it as semi-precious stone. Though gemstone has two names, one is precious stone, another is semi-precious stone, which is because of the different definitions which can change over time and vary with culture, it is really a hard matter to decide and determine what the different constitutes of the stone.


It is used to make interior or other Home d├ęcor items. Most gemstones are hard, but some soft minerals have good lustre or other physical properties, so they are used in interior items to get an aesthetic value. Gems are characterized from the aspects of refractive index, hardness, cleavage, dispersion, specific gravity, fracture, and lustre.

Colour is the physical characteristics of a valuable stone, and another determining factor of the value of a gemstone is called water. Water is an archaic term that refers to the combination of colour and transparency in gemstones.

But nowadays people do not make the value distinction by the mineral variety in the trade. Depending on the brand name of the designer, market supply, fashion trends, treatments etc., and many gemstones are used in the most expensive interior items. The gemstone is well-known as rare and unusual stone, which means it is infrequently and high quality. They are nearly known and distinguished except the experts.

Aside from the diamond, the ruby, sapphire, emerald, pearl (though it is not a gemstone, but always belongs to jewellery) and opal are considered to be precious at first. Later up to the discoveries of bulk amethyst in Brazil in last two centuries, amethyst was considered a precious stone as well, which can be going back to ancient Greece. In the last century, some stones such as aquamarine were very popular and regarded as Semi Precious Stone Slabs manufacture as the same.

It is a good thing to know more about the interior items or gemstone, when you want to buy a gift to send to someone, you can choose better one.

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