The Gemstone Agate

This is part of a non-scientific approach to various gemstones used in Home Decor Product.

What Is Agate

It is a quartz crystal, or Semi Precious Gemstone Manufacture, that can come in many different, bright, colours like:


White to Grey, Light Blue, Orange to Red, Green, Brown and Black.

It is reported to first be discovered a few thousand years ago and was used, extensively, as gemstones and other decorative items.

However, in Ethiopia it has been discovered primitive stone tools made of quartz varieties including Agate, dating as far back as 2.5 million years.

How is Agate formed

Agate is formed in empty cavities within rocks, mainly ancient volcanic lava, probably through water containing silica sipping in to the cavity, or decomposition of silicates in the lava itself.

Other decomposed minerals etc. are also “mixed” with silica to form all the different colors and layers within the cavity.

The crystals forming, what we call Agate, are much tougher than the surrounding rocks. When the rocks, in which the Agate formed, weathers away, the Agate survives and is just waiting to be discovered.

Agate can grow to a formidable size; the largest and heaviest Agate found was 35 tons.

Where can it be found?

Agate can be found all around the world and well-known sources include African countries, Brazil, China, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, USA but it can also be found in many other places.

What is the value of Agate

The value of the agate is fairly low in its natural, un-processed, form. The value is mostly in the cutting and forming of the gemstone.

The most common Agate processed into simple shapes are in the range of less than US $2.- per carat (200 milligrams), whereas the more expensive types like “Fire Agate” etc, can fetch prices of more than US $20.- per carat.

Agate is very often engraved to form various shapes and figures, or more standardised shapes for insertion in a piece of decorative items, and can come in a large range of sizes.

Metaphysical properties

There are a large number of myths connected to the Agate.

Throughout the history people have believed that it has many physical, mental and spiritual benefits.

From healing or preventing insomnia to curing skin diseases, predict future, attracting good fortune, calms stress, stimulates fertility and overcoming bad luck etc.

None of the benefits have been proven beyond doubt; therefore the metaphysical properties remain as products of the human mind. But then again, “belief can move mountains”.

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